Finding ‘De Song’

There’s a lot to love about Culoe De Song. His groovy, minimal style with distinct African beats probably channels his own beliefs about the music industry: you should have fun, respect your art, and you don’t need the drama, just music.

So, because I’ve been listening to him the past week, I thought I’d recommend this week’s top listens:

1. Nguwe ft. Thandiswa Mazwai

I’ve spent more time listening to this track than any other on my list, and I can’t help thinking that the guitar melody sounds a little like what I would have expected if Oliver Mtukudzi met SA house.

2. Journey of Love ft. Thandi Draai

 In which we continue to explore how deeply we love De Song:

“Let’s go deeper in the journey of our love.”

It really is all I have to say about this track. Pure ambient bliss.

3. Woman Woman ft. Ternielle Nelson

It’s interesting how this track starts tribal and then adds these beautiful, dark and bitter-sweet strings about halfway through the track.


While being sucked into the fascinating and sometimes-irrelevant world of twitter click-bait, I happened to find this lodged somewhere in my feed:

Blinky Bill loves Culoe De Song too!

And so do you …

*glues headphones to your ears*.


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