Music and Laughter: Watch The People Turning Pop Music Into Comedy Gold

Great comedians tend to find inspiration from the ordinary. They can dissect our simple, bland and unexciting lives and find moments worthy of a shattered rib or two. For some, this gift comes naturally.

So what happens when you get a comedian behind a pop song? Well, you get parodies and music video spoofs that are quite honestly, hilarious.

Take a look at comedians from the African continent creating  some of the best music parodies on the interwebs:

Naija Boyz

They’ve parodied everyone from Kanye to Rihanna with their uniquely Nigerian outlook which make their videos really fun to watch. But my all time favorite has to be Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball‘.


34 million views on a P-Square parody on Youtube deserves RESPECT (and yes, in caps). The Moroccan audiovisual collective did such a great job on their parody of ‘Shekini‘ that even P-Square  made a new video trying to pull off the choreography in Barbapappa’s video, Hek Lili Nifi. While the parody is a hit, it’s also an example of using comedy to address what’s wrong in our society; in this case, racism in Morocco.

Still among the rare few who hasn’t watched the video yet? Watch it below.


Back home, we have Kajairo, the undisputed king of music parodies.Being a staple on the Kenyan scene and with a career spanning more than ten years, anyone would think that he would slow down a little. Kajairo however, isn’t one to take things easy and his YouTube channel is proof of that.

Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues

Of course you’ve seen that music video. You know, the one where Maroon 5 go around crashing people’s weddings and surprising them by singing Sugar? It’s cute. But re-imagined in the minds of Nic Smal and Gareth Allison, the hilarious duo from Cape Town and the faces behind the Youtube channel Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues, it’s a recipe ripe for an angry groom.

Watch it below.


Parodies are big in Morocco,and while Barbapappa may have carved out a niche, another group is also making waves in the country. They’ve used their sense of humor to parody some of the most popular songs in Africa and the world.











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