What Happened to Rocktober, and Some 1980’s Ethiopian Jazz for Your Monday Blues

Life moves quickly when you’re having fun.

I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything and in case you missed out, let me bring you up to speed. A couple of weeks in October ago I set out to recommend some rock bands who I felt deserved a listen. We’re now in November and I only managed four bands. Which brings me to the awkward place I’m in. I’d like to continue doing Rocktober until I get at least a month’s worth of cool bands from the continent.

#Rocktober needs a new name

If we were to dive back in head-first into the world of Rock in Africa sometime after October, we would need to stop calling it Rocktober. After all, rock happens all year round right?

Give it a name

I’ll keep it simple. How about naming this series, African Rock Music Essentials? If you like it, great. I can’t wait to get started! But if you don’t feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments, I’d be happy to see what you’d prefer.

Once again, the series isn’t meant to be the end-all, be-all of Africa’s rock music scene, so if you have a suggestion of a band you’d like to see featured or think I’ve (unfairly) left out, write to me in the comments or send me an email at soundsavannah@gmail.com.

Music to make you feel better
hailu mergia
Image credit:

Till we meet again, I’ll leave you with some Ethiopian jazz and blues from Hailu Mergia.



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