African Rock Music Essentials: Throes + The Shine

Sometimes you find good music; sometimes good music finds you. In this case, it was the latter. Throes + The Shine found me when I was scouring the internet for kuduro music to showcase on my blog, and while that post never made its way to the blog, Throes + The Shine managed to leave an imprint in my mind.

Diron, Igor, and Marco are the faces behind Luanda via Porto band, Throes + The Shine. Together, they make music which they define as ‘rockuduro’ — a fusion of rock, electronic music, and the fast-paced, percussion-heavy influence of Angolan ‘kuduro’ music.

Throes + The Shine aren’t afraid to push the limit and experiment with their┬ámusic. But even from their hard-rocking first album Rockuduro, to their most recent indie-rock and electronica-infused gem, Wanga, they have managed to stay true to their signature bright and cheery sound. If you found yourself caught up in a street parade on a sunny afternoon, this would be the music that you’d imagine playing from the street corners.

Looking for an introduction? It all depends on what you’re after. If rock-and-roll rules your world, give their debut album Rockuduro a try. If you’re more into indie with some eclectic influences sprinkled in, then give Wanga a try. Either way, I can probably guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Throes + The Shine, in my opinion, deserve to be getting a lot more attention than they do right now. So take out your earphones and get ready to forget your worries, and lose yourself in the music.


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